About Me

I am a life-long Alaskan, born and raised in Fairbanks and now living in Anchorage.

I work for a nonprofit organization that presents concerts and events at the Performing Arts Center. We do great big Broadway shows and small intimate evenings of chamber music and everything in between.

I love to travel. As beautiful as Alaska is, it’s important to see other parts of the world so you don’t get jaded and overdose on Alaskan Beauty.

As long as I can remember, photography has been part of my life.  Check out my first blog post to see more about how I came to love photography so much.

My first camera was Disc camera. Remember those? My first “real” camera was my dad’s old Pentax when he decided to go with an snappy automatic camera.  When it was time to go digital, I shot with a Canon PowerShot S30.  I’ve only shot with Canon products since then.  Eventually I upgraded to a Digital Rebel and now I shoot with a Canon T2i.

Photography has really been a hobby for me, and I hope through this 365 Photo Project and this blog, I can come to know a lot more about this art form.

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